Portal is an interdisciplinary team of Masters students in Human-Computer Interaction. We are artists, engineers, and psychologists who bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the project.


From left: Alan Pan, Claire Micklin, Daniel Freitas, Tiffany Ng, Angela Park

Alan Pan

Design Lead

Alan has a background in Electrical and Control Engineering. He has practical experience in web design, programming, and interaction design. He interned at HTC as a User Experience Designer, developing applications for mobile phones and tablets. He loves photography,traveling, cooking, dancing, and learning new things.

Claire Micklin

Web and Documentation Lead

Claire graduated from Earlham college and has a background in adult education and communications. She taught English as a second language in community centers, and has worked as an editor and a communications specialist at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. She likes to bike, make paintings on vinyl records, and volunteer at the animal shelter.

Daniel Freitas

Project Lead

Daniel graduated from Instituto Superior Técnico in Electrical Engineering. In January 2002, he began working for Portugal Telecom, and has worked in Technical Support for Corporate Clients,International Wholesale, and the Engineering Department. He loves taking pictures and shooting video clips while traveling the world, and cooking for family and friends at home.

Tiffany Ng

Technical Lead

Tiffany has a background in Computer Science and HCI from Cornell University. In her past, she has made websites in NYC, studied anthropology in Tokyo, and designed kiddie pools in Shanghai. She enjoys sailing, walking in loose gravel, and baking bread.

Angela Park

User Research Lead

Angela graduated from UC San Diego in Cognitive Science and HCI. She has conducted ethnographic studies with pilots and animators, designed a city kiosk concept for tourists, and interned as an interaction designer at a digital consulting agency. She enjoys reading science fiction, exploring local cafes, and attending Cirque du Soleil shows.